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Affordable Dentist – Charlotte Metro, NC

Need an Affordable Dentist in the
Charlotte Metro?

Go to Dr. Paul A.McGill, D.D.D, P.A at 1404 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28216. Are you happy with your smile? Feel comfortable that you have found an affordable dentist in  Charlotte Metro and get a huge discount on services with a membership in Ameriplan discount dental plan.

Get immediate discounted access to an affordable dentist in your area today with : Dr. Paul A. McGill, D.D.S., P.A. (or to any of over 30,000 other dentist nationwide all accepting our affordable dentistry discount dental plan….AmeriPlan® DentalPlus Sign up with AmeriPlan® today and get IMMEDIATE DISCOUNT ACCESS to Today’s Featured Dentist: Dr. Paul A. McGill, D.D.S., P.A.

“Now It’s Easier To Get The Smile Youv’e Always Wanted

Dr. Paul A. McGill, D.D.S, P.A

1404 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28216
Phone:(704) 375-7005


What is AmeriPlan® and how does the plan work? AmeriPlan® is the nation’s leading provider of discount dental and medical service plans. .. Over the past 17 years we have saved our members over $1 BILLION in fees.

How do we do this?AmeriPlan has negotiated contracted discount rates with over 30,000 TOP Quality Dentists nationwide. As a member of AmeriPlan®, you reap the benefits!… You go to the dentist and save 25% to 80% on procedures performed by a Program dentist. That’s it!

Membership in AmeriPlan® Dental is instantaneous and 100% RISK FREE.

  • There is no waiting period
  • You can use the plan as often as you need
  • There is no age limit
  • All dental problems are accepted (except orthodontic treatment already in progress)

When you sign up for the AmeriPlan® discount dental services plan online, you get immediate reduced rate access to over 30,000 High Quality dental professionals in our affordable dentist network nationwide.

  1. Click the link below to sign up online for membership in our 100% Risk-free AmeriPlan® discount dental plan.
  2. Make an appointment with our Featured Affordable Dentist: Dr. Paul A. McGill, D.D.S, P.A. Charlotte, North Carolina and get outstanding discounted rates with an AmeriPlan® discount dental membership! Or,
  3. Click on our list of other Featured Affordable Dentist close to your home.

Affordable dentistry is within your reach. The plan is very inexpensive:

  • Just $14.95/mo for the Individual Plan.
  • Just $19.95/mo for the Family Plan (Covers the entire household).
  • Get your discount membership number online in seconds.
  • See a plan dentist right away.

But, there’s more!

ACT NOW! Save even more with these FREE Bonuses when you sign up today!

Included FREE with your Dental Plan:

  • Free Vision Discount plan membership – Save up to 60% on frames. Up to 55% on exams. Up to 20% on contact lenses.
  • Free Prescription Discount Plan membership – Save up to 25% on brand-name drugs. Save up to 50% on generics.
  • Free Chiropractic Discount Plan membership – Save 30% on treatments. Save 50% on diagnostic services and x-rays.

Sign Up Now…Get Your AmeriPlan® Discount membership number online in seconds…Then:

Why is AmeriPlan® considered the best alternative to: Cheap Dental Insurance?

Affordable dentistry is within your reach…Sign Up Today!

Contact us at: 678-267-2768
email: nhoyes@ameriplan.net
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