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Cheap-Dental-Insurance ??

“Don’t Buy Cheap Dental Insurance, unless you are willing to wait a year for the REAL BENEFITS to kick in… then, find your benefits are CAPPED at just $500 – $1000 per year.”

If you are one of the over 100 million of Americans without individual dental insurance, a cheap dental insurance plan can get you covered, but be careful; it might not be the right thing for you. Most people find that a cheap dental insurance plan just isn’t worth the money. These individual dental insurance plans are frequently not the best choice for the average person who doesn’t have individual dental insurance, but need to see the dentist soon.

The most popular individual dental insurance plans require a waiting period of 6 to 24 months for any kind of serious dental work. And most do not offer coverage for certain popular procedures and services such as braces, bridges and cosmetic dentistry at all.

So if you need to see a dentist soon for anything more than routine checkup a cheap dental insurance won’t help you very much. It will actually end up costing you more than its worth because of its limitations.

Limitations to Cheap Dental Insurance Plans:

  • Long waiting period before you qualify for anything but exams and cleanings.
  • Major procedures such as orthodontics, implants, and oral surgery generally not covered at all so you pay full price out of your pocket.
  • Payments although advertised monthly must be paid annually in a lump sum.
  • Co-payment generally required for each visit.
  • Pre-existing conditions generally not covered.
  • Cap on benefits of $500 – $1,000 a year.

Here are some typical rates for procedures performed by the dentist:

  • Initial oral exam – $103
  • Filling one tooth – $152
  • Teeth cleaning – $216
  • Root canal one tooth – $901
  • Porcelain crown, one tooth – $1192
  • Braces – $4500

With a cap of $500 – $1,000 per year and many major procedures, such as oral surgery,  cosmetic surgery and braces not covered for a year or more , if  at all by cheap dental insurance.  YOU ARE  LEFT OUT IN THE COLD!!

What regularly works a lot better for thousands of people without dental insurance is a Top Quality discount dental plan. The best discount dental plans have negotiated rates with network dentists to allow substantial discounts to members when they visit a dentist. The best of these discount dental plans is AmeriPlan.  AmeriPlan® is the leading provider of discount dental medical service plans in the nation. Over the past 16 years it has saved its members over 1.4 billion dollars.

With AmeriPlan you don’t have to worry about the limitations of cheap dental insurance. You will save 20% to 80% on services when you visit the dentist. All for a low cost of  just $14.95 a month for one person, or $19.95 a month for your entire household, whether everyone in it is related or not.. . Plus there’s a 30-day money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime you want without penalties.

Enter your zip code below to see our Fee Schedule in your area:

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With AmeriPlan:

  • There’s no waiting period – You instantly receive a member number when you sign up and schedule an appointment with a dentist immediately.
  • You can see the dentist as often as you need to for any procedure – There’s no cap!
  • You get instant savings – Your discounts start with your very first visit to the dentist.
  • You have access to all procedures provided by a licensed dentist. –  All specialties and all procedures are included
  • Ongoing and pre-existing conditions are included, except for orthodontics that is already underway.
  • Cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, bridges, dentures and all other specialties are included.
  • You can change dentists at any time without notification. – If you are travelling out of town or out of state, anywhere from New York to Hawaii,  you can see a local dentist if the need arises.
  • There’s no long-term contract to enter into. Cancel at any time by providing written notice to AmeriPlan®.
  • If for any reason, you are not satisfied, you can cancel within the first 30-days of becoming a member and your membership fee will be refunded. – We guarantee it!
  • You have access to top-notch dentists and specialist in all fields of dentistry – We have a nation-wide network of over 30,000 providers

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But, There’s Even More with AmeriPlan…

As the nation’s leading provider of discount Dental and Medical discount plans, AmeriPlan  includes three additional discount health benefits with your dental membership at no additional cost.

Vision and Eye care Discount Plan

Prescription Drugs Discount Plan

Chiropractic Services Discount Plan



Still not sure?

Hear what satisfied AmeriPlan members are saying about their experience:


Brenda F. – Sacramento, CA
I was absolutely amazed and shocked in the amount of money I saved on my teeth with AmeriPlan Dental. Where else can you get a $10.00 office visit and $3.00 x-rays? I also received a dental partial which normally costs $1999 for only $850.

Jackie H. – Jackson, MS.
I had been putting off going to the dentist. My face was swollen and my tooth hurt. I went to the emergency room and received help & didn’t have to pay anything at the time. I am so thankful for AmeriPlan. Later I received a bill for only $400.00. I was very surprised. I expected the bill to be much more. Way to go AmeriPlan!

Yvette J. – Humble, TX
I needed a tooth pulled. It was going to be $350.00-$600.00. I signed up, and I saved A LOT. My dental work was only $110.00 instead of $380.00. Also, my prescription was only $7.00 instead of $80.00. Thanks AmeriPlan!

Timothy J. – Oberlin, OH
My daughter chipped her front tooth in a car accident. We went to a local dentist and he took x-rays, as well as fixed the tooth. The total bill came to $280.00. I only paid $80.00. Thanks AmeriPlan for saving me $200.00.

Nordine H. – Denver, CO
My Granddaughter has to have 8 Baby teeth pulled out. I was quoted $1500.00 dollars for the procedure. But, the provider was a AmeriPlan and after he refigured my bill it was only $267.00 for everything.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Here’s our Risk-Free Offer to you:


*If within the first 30 days of your membership, your are not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel your membership by sending an email to stop@stopmembership.com or by in writing to AmeriPlan 5700 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas 75024, fax to (469) 229-4595. Also, after 30-days you may cancel at any time If you decide it’s not for you. There’s no obligation to continue if you’re not completely satisfied.



If you have any questions about our discount dental plan,  feel welcome to contact me directly. My contact information is:

Norm Hoyes
Email nhoyes@ameriplan.net
Phone: 678-267-2768
Address: 1410 Augusta Dr. SE
Marietta, GA 30067
*Read all of the guarantee details here
**Testimonials provide the perspective of individuals who are successful and/or enthusiastic about their experience with AmeriPlan. Testimonials are not representative of everyone’s experience and only provide information about the individual’s experiences as to the point in time when they are provided. All testimonials are authentic and accurate. Testimonials may be edited for clarity or brevity. AmeriPlan reserves the right to accept or decline posting of any testimonials. All claims have been documented and verified for accuracy. No one has been paid to share their stories. Individual results will vary.

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